1. Mobile App vs GPS

    All, I have been patient and have used the Connected App with my new 2021 GSA. TBH, it just isn't ready for prime time in my view (late instructions, flakey when you lose mobile connection even with downloaded maps, daft routes on the winding routes setting - far too many single track roads get...
  2. BMW Connectivity (TFT SScreen) to Navigator V

    Hi All, I took delivery of my new GSA with the TFT screen and BMW Motorrad Connectivity option yesterday - and I'm very pleased :D. The BMW connectivity allows me to pair my F5MC headset and my Samsung S7, but does seem to allow any other devices. Does this mean that I will have to pair my...
  3. Pairing Nav V with iphone 5 Bluetooth issue

    Just purchased a BMW Navigator V for the GS TE. Having problems pairing the Satnav with my iPhone 5. Has anyone had a similar issue when pairing the two devices and knows how to fix this. The two devices connect but disconnect almost immediately. Cheers.

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