Airhead Weekend - Miners Standard - 16 - 18 June

Still up for it too. It will only be one night now though but can be flexible on which night to best fit the ride plans.
Any more takers??

If you can check the list on the first post and let me know if you need adding or subtracting, that would be useful. Ta.
As we're quite near the weekend and I've not had that much interest and nothing in the last week, I would suggest that the weekend as an organised weekend is not going ahead.

This doesn't mean you can't go. The pub is still expecting folk to turn up and go camping, however, organised rides will have to be sorted out between those still attending.
Apologies. I'm dropping out. Last year, it was Covid. This year, it's a very heavy cold which is finally easing up after nearly two weeks.

I'll get there some day! Enjoy!

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I will ride up Sunday morning if the start is not too early. Off to Wales in a minute, back late tomorrow night, but could get there for Sunday ride out.

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