Vladivostok .. or bust

Thanks everyone - I really do appreciate the comments. The photos, well my dad was a press photographer and so I grew up round cameras. I was a software engineer for 30 years but took voluntary redundancy a couple of years ago and now I'm sort of pre-tired and working as a photographer when I can. Not much money in that nowadays:) Most these were taken on the phone. I take a little SLR but I hardly use it and don't think I'll bother in future. Takes up too much space. The writing - no idea where that comes from - just a stream of consciousness really. We've all got our own style I guess. Can't make any money out that either! I constantly remind myself of how fortunate I am doing this stuff. Life is all about compromises - I don't own much, dress like a vagrant, drive an old car, don't go out much when I'm home, and of course behind every globetrotting man there is a hard working and very understanding woman!

Next trip .. it's difficult. I've done a fair bit now and the only trip of all that I've done that I would gladly repeat town for town is my Everest trip from last year. All the others I'd do again with a little variation to add something new. I really really do like Russia though. It's 'first world' enough to provide all the required infrastructure and reasonable food, it's pretty cheap to travel long distance and it's definitely different enough to feel properly foreign. Couple that with the insane scale of the place and it's an enticing place that I'd happily go back to. I'd feel happy to run a trip out there, just have to get some people interested. Not everyone can get 7/8 weeks off of course though. Lots of people have the money .. this trip cost me maybe £4500 ... it would cost bit more to go up to Magadan ... but a lot fewer people have the time.

We'll see.. I've been home about a month now, and I need to have something to look forward to next year.. Once you catch wunderlust it cannot be cured, it can only be treated:thumb
Once you catch wunderlust it cannot be cured, it can only be treated

Ain't that the truth. After my trip to Poland I want more of the other side of Europe.

Thanks very much for the laughs, photos and the words put together.
Once you catch wunderlust it cannot be cured, it can only be treated :thumb

Couldn't agree more. The problem then becomes that the more you do, the more your want to do.

Wish I had the ability to write stuff like that, cos it really helps with the memories years later.
Looking forward to 2019. :bounce1
Superb prose and photographs as usual.

I know how long it takes to put these reports together - thanks for making the effort
Vodka and Sala (fat) some of my very worst hangovers came from that combo. I once picked up the vodka bottle at a “feast” nr Donetsk to be told by the translator that was an error of judgment as it’s code for we are not drinking at my pace. No sooner than he had finished telling me that a crate of Vodka bottles appeared ! After which we tried the Ukranian cognac, next day they have some stuff that cures hangovers that tastes like Venos.

I fancy the ride, not sure it should be done alone.
All I can say in thanks for taking the time, excellent write up. Bloody brilliant :thumb2

Barry G
Thank you MB, what a great read that was.

Love your writing style for the RR.

Brilliant :clap:clap:clap
Great RR Jason. Hope your post traumatic trip disorder stays the feck away. :thumby:
Thanks for taking the time to post. Absolutely brilliant reading. Much appreciated.

Regards Allan F
Just finished watching & reading the last couple of pages.
Stunning, simply stunning pictures & ride report...

Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us.. :clap :clap :clap

by far the best RR I have read, thank you for sharing!
food for thought and dreams these trips are :drool
I am novice, and not young, but I have till my 75th YO to get ready :)
if you take on newbies for your next Everest trip, I am in. its was always a dream to climb it, but as its is not going to happen, riding to BC will do just fine!
OK ... so I put The Bitch on the operating table ... ordered 1250 different special tools from KTM ... and opened it up ... looks like a bloody watch!

This is after I've removed the rotor with the sprag attached




I had a good look at the sprag but I can't see any wear or flat spots .. oh dear ...





So I replaced the sprag with another eBay find. Ktm used to sell sprags separately but now they only sell rotors with sprags included .... about £600 ... yes exactly ... my middle finger came right up involuntarily when I read that ... but I got one with the freewheel for £60:) I fitted it and had my Pug check it out In a previous life she was a McLaren mechanic ... she gave me the paws up and we gave it a try ...

Ummmmmmmmm .... .excellent ...... thanks .......

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