BB Power Chip - Idle Speed Low !!


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Oct 23, 2003
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Cork, Ireland
Hi again

I installed my BB powerchip last night. I am very happy with the results - power is much smoother and very strong from 4800 rpm upwards with a big gain above 5500 rpm. More torque available from 3000 rpm also (especially noticeable when cracking the throttle hard in 5th at this speed).
Only problem I now have is that the idle speed has dropped to about 900 rpm which makes it prone to cutting out when stopping at a junction etc. It cuts out about 10% of the time which is still not acceptable to me.
I put on my vacuum guages and rebalanced the bleed screws at idle (tried backing them out to increase the idle speed) but it made no difference. The throttles are perfectly balanced both at idle and at 4000 rpm.
My bike is set up with the jumper wires in the motronic plug (under the seat) set for stage 3 - i.e aftermarket race exhaust system, which I have. However, i still have the baffle installed in the Remus pipe.
Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do to get the idle speed back up to 1100 rpm ?

Thanks in advance

Well, you are in need of a TB sync.

But the quick and dirty way is to get ahold of carb stix, twinmax, carbtune, vacuum gauges, etc. Connect your chossen device to each of the TB's vacuum nipple. Check the values, then turn the idle air bypass screws (aka BigBrassScrews) on each TB out in equal amounts untill you achieve the desired idle. But make sure that the ratio is still the same on the qauges.

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