Chipped paint on rear wheel


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Jun 28, 2017
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Bodmin cornwall
Gotta a chip in the paint on my rear wheel, what are your thoughts on repairing / refurbishing please ?
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Try these guys... UKautospares ...on Ebay, i had some engine silver and rocker cover paint off them perfect match. give them a ring to see if they have a match for the wheels
A tyre fitting company I have used for years made a bad mess of my cast rear wheel last year. They rolled over and said they'd fix it or replace the wheel. I said I'd accept them getting it refurbed. Their usual wheel refurb place apparently couldn't get a paint match, so they sourced me a new wheel!
just found two chips on mine having had the rear tyre changed... about the same spacing as the edges of the caliper!.. obviously nothing was said by the garage!... depends how bad they are I guess...
I've mixed two greys together from cans I had in the garage to get the right colour.... small brush and spot it on... got to say its a good match and got to look close to finf them... no idea of colours or mix however... try get a close match at Halfords... spray in the cap and dab it on?..
I contacted BMW customer services and they told me the correct paint to use- If you tell them the year of your bike they'll do the same for you.

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