Connecting Alexa to home NAS music library


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Feb 25, 2005
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Plaistow, London, England
Hi All,

I acquired Alexa by buying a Sonos Play to go with my Sonos one set up. Sonos has access to my Synology NAS audio library and it plays well thru the Sonos app. There is a Synology Audio skill for Alexa, but Apparently Alexa can only connect via an secure socket connection for which I need a registered URL and external certificate. I do not need the URL for anything else I do with the NAS, so don't really want to pay for a domain name. I tried using the URL that I registered on the domain that came with the router. Applied a certificate provided free by a company recommended by Synology, but Alexa will not connect to the URL. HTTPS is working when I connect using the browser

Is there anybody else on here who has done this. Any advice would be appreciated or a link to a good description or video. I am a little reluctant to use one of the free domain name providers. I don't see how they make money. So again, if someone knows a good name I would be grateful.

Many thanks to collective. :bow

Have you tried searching the Synology repository for any suitable apps?

Also post on the Synology forums - there are some very helpful bods over there

I just use spotty on the home network, it knows some of my music is stored locally on the nas.

I'll have to check out what the google one does ;)
I do know that Alexa in the Sonos Play is not the fully functional Alexa that you get in an Amazon Echo/Dot et. It's like a cut down version, she can't do everything that an Amazon Alexa can.

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