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Apr 26, 2003
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Like the one on the LE JOG trip done by the ladies, this is just to track how much people would like to donate........

And as before, please only tick if you do intend to follow through with your pledge

Thank you very much

good idea para

maybe if we get all pledgers names on the side??
could be a cunning plan baldrick!!!
med supplie's?

hi mate give me a ring on 01792523161 or 07734729594 you may be a usefull chap!!!!;) :D
Ye gods lads,

You got to make your Donations bit a little easier to find, it just cost my employer £15 in time for me to send you £30 via paypal...
trotsky said:
Ye gods lads,

You got to make your Donations bit a little easier to find, it just cost my employer £15 in time for me to send you £30 via paypal...


Thanks Trotsky...we didn't know it was causing a prob........we'll get onto it;)



PS thanks for the donation...:thumb
If anyone's having difficulty spotting how to donate........



PS we've put several methods in place, so scroll down in that box and you'll hopefully find one that suits you sir ;)
Medical stuff

Due to an administrative error at one of my suppliers I have 10 boxes of 100 medium sized sterile disposable gloves. They're not the surgical latex type but are more like the ones you get on garage forecourts but medical!

Value, about £150. pm me your address and I'll get them sent off to you.

Still raking around for more.
Thanks Richie..appreciated.

There's a link to a paypal account on the challenge site HERE and whatever money goes to that will all go directly to the UK charitties.....Slimbo and I talked about this ages ago and agreed that a lot of people would rather know that their money was going direct to the charities rather than what could be seen as paying for two tossers (now 3) to go on a big we decided ALL personal donations would go direct and we'd cover the costs (fuel, vehicle etc) ourselves or with whatever corporate sponsorship we can get.

Whichever way you feel most comfortable with matey......there are also some credit card links on that site that will go direct as well, or if you decide you'd like to support the running costs (and the landy will be given to these midwives we've had contact with in Banjul ) then cheques etc can be sent direct to Slimbo or myself;

Mr Graham Ashby (slimbo)
9 Clwyd Road

Bill Oates
89 Howard Road

Cheers again.
That was more complicated than it should have been ... must remember to update PayPal account when lost credit cards are replaced in future :rolleyes:

Anyway, best of luck lads - have fun! :)

Do Paypal deduct charges from you before giving the money to your cause? I'd like to donate, but would rather send a cheque if they're going to cream something off the top. Every little helps.
just follow the donation link on the website franco my addy is there with cheque details
cheers m8
oh slimbo just remember mine is for you guys to spend on the trip down , not to be given to some poor person in the middle of nowhere, when you get there.
of course steve , i believe there is a very good knocking shop in banjul that has a reservation for us???:D :thumb :whip

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