European breakdown cover advice please


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Apr 5, 2005
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North Wales
Hi, I normally just have autoaid personal cover which is fine for two bikes one being 28yrs old and UK recovery and the annual European trip just buy a single policy but for the next year my old bike has UK inc in the new insurance I just bought so I now need stand alone for the gs1200 inc UK & Europe. I'm being quoted from £45 pa multi trip but have no experience of these companies. Does anyone please have recommendations for stand alone cover. Much appreciated.
£45 seems cheap for annual cover - who’s that with?

They all (AFAIK) use local agencies, so not sure the response times are any different between the big names (RAC/AA/GREENFLAG etc).

Bear in mind that they will only cover cost of recovery up to the value of the bike - (most anyway).
I would also make sure that they will repatriate the bike and not just deliver it to a garage in Europe.

I took out start rescue in the past but never used them in anger.
The £45 is Europe only and on top of UK breakdown. Green flag do a combined for around £80.
Autoaid seem to have put up prices recently and their linked Europe cover is expensive.

I had a "personal" UK/Euro policy that expired recently but I think they got burnt as they were quite cheap, so they are no longer offering the deal. As a result I decided to get a UK only policy for this year due to the low prospect of a Euro trip. I used the search engine at and have a UK personal policy from an outfit I have never heard of, Covermy Breakdown. I'll get a short trip policy if I do manage to get away in September.

If I was insuring just one vehicle for UK & Europe, I would probably go with Startrescue. I used them in the past and the customer service was good when changing vehicles with no fees. Never tried the recovery fortunately. No personal cover option so not using them for that reason.

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