Hello GS Rallye goodbye Ktms :) prepping for Iceland


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Dec 3, 2012
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Hey everyone hope we are all keeping well so everything went a bit sideways for this summer and for our planned Iceland trip ended up selling my vstrom 650xt big mistake and dad sold his gsxr for a pair of 390 ktms which in the short of it, they didn't make it past 270 miles an the issues were starting pretty much right away which kept growing in the list of problems.

Ktm wernt much help so that lead to the dealer doing the right thing and taking them back under rejection so kudos to them.

As few of the issues had no superseeded part yet to fix. One being the displays on both bikes filling full of condensation and on dad's it constantly stalling where mine wasn't also one bike had a high frequency vibration compared to the other.

My display was alot worse than dads which lead to me being unable to read the display across all of it. The biggest worry being if that happened in Iceland would they freeze and crack which I'd read about happening so after the dealer doing the right thing as there was lots of other issues on them to.

That lead me onto trying to decide what next.

In the middle of all this I'm in the process of looking at moving to Scotland so that lead me to ruling the mighty himalayan out as I'm back an forward on the Motorway while looking at houses over winter so fancied a 6th gear.

The vstrom 650xt weirdly had shot up to near 500-700 on the insurance an the new 800 comes out.

The Guzzi v85tt was another contender but was 1k on the insurance ouch!! That ruled that out.

Which lead me back to a Gs which I didn't expect I'd say 250 fully comp on the insurance protected no claims etc.
I had a 2014 gsa 1200 a few years back and an f800gs.

Which I'd had a few issues with but the difference in how BMW handled it swung it for me. I guess we were unlucky with the ktms as some have good experiences but having issues on both at once was a problem.

After a bit of hunting and expecting to travel about a bit I wound up finding one local at Williams in Manchester which certainly saved having to trek about for one.

So heres my new to me 2018 R1200GS TE Rallye with 20k on the clock an looking pretty mint really an luckily all the toys :) I made sure to check the warranty history n all it had was a rubber Grommet on the screen so that was good.

Currently just fitted a TFT anti Theft device from Cymarc the screen support brackets and a Puig Touring screen going to do a video on that next week.

Hope you all enjoy the pics n video an ill bring some more mods as I prep the bike an dad decides if he wants one to.

In a way I think it compliments my Vintage Nortons having something tech laden. Was actually hard to do the video as there's not much that hasn't been said about the GS over the years. N in the end at the moment I'm glad to be back on one :)

The plan now is a bit of an easier route in Iceland and mainly touring Norway which should be lots of fun.

Here's a clip bimbling roud the Peak District and generally relaxing on the GS :) I'll be posting in the thread about the trips to Scotland exploring areas and getting ready for our Europe trip.

New Video is live on my Opinions on why I switched to the GS didn't go for another GSA and ruled out a few of the other Adv bikes from my own personal perspective.

Hopefully as well the Audio quality is alot better on this one it didn't record using my Rode on the last video the joys of gopro! Still sussing out whether stereo mode or wind only mode is better on my hero 6 black.


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