I am seriously considering

I just got a tenere 700 last week and I am no henry cole when it comes to reviewing a motorbike, what I do know is that it will do for me, perfect for me and perfect for the motorcycling I enjoy, (back roads mainly) around mid wales ��

To be honest I did think about a 701 enduro but my limited skill and lack of desire to go too far offroad would just mean the bike would be wasted on me, the tenere just suits my needs very well
I rarely give my opinion as it's usually not worth anything but I see it as this.

The 3 bikes (690 & 701) & T7 are not comparable.

Whilst we can all appreciate pretty much any bike can do anything, that given, it's about where a bike sits in the list of things we want from it.

I see the T7 as a bike I could road tour on, off road tour on, go and do my shopping, nip around to my mate's, commute to work every day and do a bit of green laning.

I'm not sure I'd want to do all of those things on a 690/701. Having seen Mikeyboy in action on his 690 over the past few weekends, it is an extremely good off road bike and tours with luggage. But would I use it specifically for a road tour or nipping to the shops? Probably not. (He did actually nip to the shops. Someone will post up a video if we ask nicely.)

If you had the two in the garage you'd have to think, which bike shall I take for this specific activity?

They're too dissimilar to compare, but they have a crossover in a venn diagram of activities and their competence level in those activities.

I'd consider a T7, but a 690 or 701 would, for me, and only me, be too off-road focussed, although I do like the look of the 701.

Glad to clear that up for everyone. :thumb
I do use my 701 to nip to the shops or a mate's, but it wouldn't be my first choice for road touring.
I also missed 2 up touring on the T7.

You'd have to have a pretty compliant pillion on a 690 or 701.

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