Innov K3 camera system

Lord Snooty

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Jan 6, 2002
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Redditch, Worcs
I want to fit this kit to my bike before I head for France on August 6th. Is there anybody here within reasonable distance from the West Midlands who has fitted one of these systems who would be able to do so for me please, I'd be happy to pass the tools, make the tea and offer some beer tokens.(y)

Hi Snooty, I fitted one to my TC RT not too long ago and it's a very straightforward job, although it does take a few hours. I guess it's the time you're short of and not the know-how. Decent how-to vid on Youtube for a newish GSA. If only I was closer! :D

The quality of the video is excellent and you'll be pleased with the end result.
Do a YouTube search "a bike thing innov k3" without the quotes.
Plenty of info.


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