Klim Pants Leaking


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Mar 25, 2012
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Fife, Scotland
After a wet ride today of about an hour heading up from Fife to Glamis Castle for the Extravaganza, my crotch was soaking while in my Klim Latitude pants. They're two and a half years old and have covered less than 1000 miles since buying them new from 24MX. They are in A1 perfect condition, apart from keeping my crotch dry. What a bummer!

I've filled in the Klim warranty claim, but wondered if it would be more successful going straight to Gore and stating my case there?

EDIT - I've now contacted Gore as well. Pic below of my wet boxers - looks like I pissed myself...


Same issue here on my Latitude's and a similar age (but lots more use) ~ I contacted Gore in the first place and sent them off. They found a small fault and repaired it with a promise to replace if they still leak.

I've yet to use them in biblical rain but so far all's good in the rain we've had so far.


PS They are not fecking PANTS. They are trousers!!
when did you last wash and re-proof them ?
when did you last wash and re-proof them ?

I've not worn them enough to have the need to wash or reproof. They can almost stand up by themselves as they're still stiff like a new pair.

Are you talking about the Latitudes or your briefs? ������
You've done the right thing by contacting Klim and Gore. Now complete the set for reporting wet crotch issues - Age Concern. ;)
I don't have the benefit of the care instructions that are sent with the Klim gear, but on their website it advises to wash regularly, every 2-1/2 years is by any stretch of the imagination not regular.

"Regular cleaning of your GORE-TEX(r) Outerwear is extremely important to maintain durable waterproofness and supreme breathability. The best rule of thumb as to when you should wash your gear is this: Wash your KLIM GORE-TEX(r) garment whenever the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is no longer effective at beading water on the surface fabric or as soon as your gear looks and smells dirty."


Mine is about 5/6 years old and gets washed and re-treated about three times a year, if it leaks it gets done straight away.

Yours maybe faulty, but not following the instructions might not help. Trying to be helpful, not clever.
Had a pair of dainese gore-tex trousers that had to go back due to crotch leak its a difficult area to seal and is subject to alot of stress like the knees. Had no issues with the warranty claim, upgraded a better model rather than replace like for like.
Thats the good thing about gore-tex products it tend to be a no quibble warranty. First goretex item I've ever had an issue with.
Had a pair of dainese gore-tex trousers that had to go back due to crotch leak its a difficult area to seal and is subject to alot of stress....
There can be some irresistible forces emanating in that area!
A nice lady at Gore got back to me today and asked to see pics (I included the one of my boxers) and now they're sending me a label to have them shipped to their repairers (Scottish Mountain Gear?). There's a 3 week turnaround apparently....I hope so as I'm off to the continent in about 5 weeks...

Let's see what they say - I'm happy to have them repaired if there's an issue, as I really like them.

Oh, and I've not heard a peep from Klim yet!

OK, the Klim trousers have been repaired at a facility in Austria and should be with me early next week. Apparently they have been "repaired and patched at the crotch and back".

They should be waiting on me when I return from a lovely break in Ely.

Kim have still not responded to my initial enquiry.....dear oh dear!


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