MRA Screen on 1100


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Jan 6, 2002
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Middel'Prut'. Denmark
Fitted a tinted MRA screen to the 1100 a week or so back.

There os a lot of light reflected on the inside and up behind the instrument panel.

Is there a "shroud" available somewhere or another way of fixing this?
I have one of those chamois covered sponges in front of the clocks, actually its there to help stabilise the screen, which to me seems to move around a lot, perhaps a nice piece of black foam or draught excluder would close the gap. I have not ridden far at night since fitting mine, so I have not noticed the light thing.
Don't have that problem with mine (clear one fitted a year ago) apart from a bit of a halo effect around the edges at night, but doesnt affect the reading of the clocks.....
I think i remember Mike O having a similar problem on his 1150, and he cut a piece out of a black plastic seed tray to fit the hole...rather than pay for the same with t.urat..k printed on it

Hope that helps

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