Well I posted in the Technical forum and maybe that was the wrong place so trying here, I am comtemplating fitting a Remus end can and the replacement for the CAT or what looks like the cat, its a 1998 R1100GS and was wondering on what were people thoughts when they had it fitted onto there own bike, running problems improvements etc.
The biggest suprise I got was the weight of the cat and the OEM can when I took them off. I never suffered any running problems prior to fitment although I allways thought the motor felt a tad strangled. I can detect a moderate increase in power midrange but the exhaust note is a big improvement....sounds like a real bike.

I`d check what you believe to be the cat as I`ve heard from people who`s opinion I respect that an expansion chamber is better than a Y piece. So if your cat is empty I`d think before you chuck it.
I've got a Remus Y and Can (Illegal) on my Adventure.

Noticable increase in power, doesn't surge, and sounds lovely.

It's been suggested that I chip the bike too. I'll get round to it eventually, but I'm not in a hurry...
I have just fitted a remus grand prix (race can and s pipe) to my 98 1100 sound great and seems to run smoother.
thanks for the replies, by these comments I will be fitting it, will reply again when fitted ti give the seat of the pants dyno report as Ireland is a little lacking in the real kind.


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