Saturdays Road Ride


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Jan 15, 2005
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Kildare, Ireland
Saturdays ride out will leave from the top carpark, closest to the hotel (once you get there you'll see what I mean ;)) at 10.00am sharp
That's not an Irish 10, by the way :nono

It'll be led by Jockser with Aidan (ably assisted by Mandylicious) acting as sweeper / tail end charlie.

There'll be a (very) brief briefing just before we head off. We'll be using the Drop Off System. For those of you not fimiliar with this the details are here.

The run is 150ml / 250km of varied roads & terrain in the area but as most of it is off the tourist track there are limited facilities available. There will obviously be comfort / fag stops in scenic locations but there'll only be one tea stop (in a petrol station after about 90 mins) and a lunch stop at about 14.30, depending on progress. So make sure you have enough brekkie :D

And just so that there's no confusion regarding participation in either road or off-road rides, or indeed any aspect of the weekend :
* The organiser accepts no responsibility for the actions of the participants. *

The participants accept that they are attending by their own free will and in
the knowledge that they are at all times responsible for their own actions,
and their own safety.
Behave yourself or I won't allow him to go out to play with you ;)


Promises, promises :p

TUNED IN said:
where is closest place to get petrol?

There's any amount of them in Tipperary Town, just 7km to the north. Or Bansha, 11km east, has a Statoil. And both places would be a lovely early morning spin :bounce1
Do you have a GPS file for this route by any chance?

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