Stalag 17

nearest pub is 1/2mile walk but reckon it'll be busy (My 1st choice and we could book I supose)
If we go for a BBQ there's a supermarket in Settle. Otherwise dont know.
wait to see what the weather is loik.
always nip to shops for snap to cook if weather isa nice.
or nick the far north riders grub,they will be pished by then anyway :augie
on the other hand i might bring a salad :eek
Any chippy's, Indian's, pizza etc. delivery nearby?

I'm bringing a disposable BBQ - I think Mort is too.

Got some sausages, 10 lamb skewers and 5 chicken skewers, half a dozen bread buns and a bottle of 'mato sauce.

I'll not manage all that so feel free to join in/share.


.....oh and 2 litres of red wine.


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