Thank you

A fantastic weekend was had by all I am sure, blessed with great weather and great company, thanks to Ann, Sid and, Simon we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Debbie and John.

PS. please don't invite that Outtomunch with his bottle of JD again,:blast
Bless you for yet another memorable weekend

Sid Ann, Simon,

Thanks for another great weekend. Good to see you and everyone else, friends old and new. Well done for all your efforts to make it one of the best events of our year.

Thanks again, no doubt if you holding this one, we'll be there again next year.

Val & Jill,
Well it's all been said by those before me but: Great Weekend!
Well done team. And excellent work by whoever booked the weather....
Gave my old GS a filip of new life and an absolutely cracking couple of days to boot, if a little "stressful" for me at least at times. Swapping a GS engine was certainly outside my comfort zone! Everyone else seemed to have a cracking time 100% of the time tho' and I'm certainly not complaining.

Sid & Ann thank you very much for the hospitality and for inviting me down a little earlier in the week to break the back of the engine swap. It was really nice of you and much appreciated.

Simon the food was great, you were super slick when the numbers ramped up. See you for a pint in Reading some time soon.

To everyone I met and especially to those who helped flash the spanners I hope to see you all again on the roads or on the trails at sometime in the not too distant future. A few guys were interested in trying out a bit of gentle laning with me on the big bikes, drop me a mail at "mike at rtsw dot co dot uk" and I'll be in touch.

What a top few days. Thanks for putting it on Sid and I made it a personal mission to ensure the charity did well by drinking furiously....
what a great wee-kend - might have been the best yet :thumb2

many thanks to sid, anne, simon and anyone else involved in running one of, if not, THE best event of the year, from me angi and bentley :)
Thanks for putting up with me on Saturday, I had a wonderful time seeing you all and enjoying the atmosphere and fumes lol x
Thanks from me as well, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend until the point I had to start the ride home.

I arrived home absolutely knackered, hadn't recovered from the ride down Friday and had to keep stopping. I even lay on the grass in a service area and napped for an hour in the sun. Nightmares about dogs and grass but I seem to be alive.

Finally got home 11 hours after I started at just after 20:00. Apart from a blocked fuel cap vent causing fuel starvation at large throttle openings the bike was in better nick than me.

Talking of Nick, I'm not sure of the rest of his name, many thanks for the advice, extensive knowledge of drum brakes and entertaining stories. The front brake on the R60 is the best it's ever been in my stewardship of the bike.

1100 miles in two days of riding Friday to Sunday on a 44 year old 600cc bike. We clearly don't need 100BHP + 1200 cc motorcycle but the saddle from one of them may have helped.

A really enjoyable event, thanks again team "Wee".
Sid and Ann .................. many many thanks for making possible such a fab weekend, for being such wonderful, generous hosts, to Simon for keeping us all so well fed, to everyone else, what a top bunch of Tossers

Apart from a bit of tinkering and some bullshit, I feel my contribution was to ensure that Sid wasnt left with any beer :beer:

Brilliant do :thumb2
Sorry to have missed almost the whole weekend. Next year I hope not to have any poorly dogs and to get here earlier than 11pm on Sunday night!:blast
Thanks Sid and Ann for taking pity on another weary traveler. Again. :beerjug:
Thank you Sid and Ann, and Sumprat the kitchen slave.

Not much of an event for me, i spent all saturday working. :D

:thumb2 :beerjug:
Brilliant! Why has it taken me 5 years to make it to this!!!? Thanks Sid, Ann and Simon!!! I really enjoyed meeting up with people again (too long), the food was excellent and the laying of hands on Libby... I need to tell you that I smiled every bend and open stretch home. Libby hasn't felt so good for ages! A great weekend all round! :thumb2:thumb2:thumb2 And fantastic news about the fund raising!!! :clap
the debating society in full swing

Tapas corner on Friday night was good though :thumb

It went down well. A cultured corner amongst all the philistines.

A selection of olives, wasabi nuts and peas, baked and smoked garlic cloves and a quality chorizo. :beerjug:

The chorizo didn't last long, must bring more next time. :thumb2

Two very happy customers!

Good to see ya again tallgirl, its been a couple of years and ya as mad as always :D


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