The Ring. How bad is it really?

I went one Easter, when it snowed and they closed the ‘ring, so we went go-carting instead. The next day it was open but ‘interestingly’ cold.
The weather gets really cold around now and they still have a proper winter. If you’re lucky Micky will dig out his ‘following a snow plough’ pictures.
Ha ha .... you were sensible enough not to be there :blast

I know the original post for this thread was a while ago, but thought Id contribute to the thread anyway. I was at the ring about 4 weeks ago, on German unification day which is a public holiday. The single busiest day the ring has in the year lol. Was great to be there as there was a real buzz and some amazing top end cars. But the track was really busy, almost to the point where it was just a constant stream of cars going past, looked like a slow formula 1 race lol. I hadnt fully decided if I was going to do a lap on my bike or not so went back the next day to see what a normal day there was like. Saw one other bike, who also wasnt doing a lap and was just there for a look. I ended up buying a lap in a Hyundai i30 for 100 euros by a company called N taxi with a guy called Marc, he had been driving and riding around the place for 28 years and what an experience, lots of the lap sideways and a fair bit of door handle grabbing going on but wow, being driven by a professional driver is a different world to thinking you can hustle your family saloon to tescos. Marc, used to ride his own bike around, and going by the speeds he kept mentioning was vary handy on it. He said he wouldnt take a bike round any more. They are very rare there these days, although still allowed. There is such a wide degree of skill and machinery on track, from really really quick cars, 911's, P1's etc to £1000 shit box bmw 325's. There were 3 very large patches where people had dropped oil and it was covered in cement dust or similar, but the clean looked fairly rudimentary. So some people could really drive and some couldnt. Would I go round in a car, yes, probably, but you cant fall off a car, on a bike, personally, no.

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