The Strontian Gathering (NOT the Dent Event) 19th - 21st May 2023

Only one incident so far….
My Apple Watch ultra decided it didn’t want to come to Scotland….so fkd off in the fast lane of the A1(M)…..
Must remember to zip up the map pocket of my tank bag in future 😂🏍️🏕️🍺
Thick fog down here between Lochboisdale and the Sound Of Mull....boat creeping along....delayed also by extra stop in Craignure , so who knows when we arrive in Oban and then set off north. Suitably fortified by Calmac 8 item breakfast....and a wee doze....:okay

And now I can nearly see Strontian down Loch Sunart, but it'll take the rest of the day to get there....hey ho, its a bonny part of the country to pass through. Up over the Connel Bridge,through Benderloch up to Ballachulish, Fort William and round the long way....I bet there are not many on here who have done that journey on a train from Oban, as our family did in the 60's. Connel Bridge was originally a railway bridge....railway went to Ballachulish for the slate...
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So thats us in and out of Craignure....interesting, the big boats dont usually have intermediate stops, so its good to see all the technical berthing stuff, flinging strings at each other and so on. Now onto Oban......
A few photographs of the proceedings so far ....(y)

Strontian Hotel .... delicious :fnikefork




Son 'Laughing Gas'






Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth ...

Saturday morning .... well it was his birthday yesterday :101









Symon 'Boatman' cuts out Saturday morning to head north and get some more travelling done ...

More to come (y)

Few more ....

Tim, the owner of the campsite talking to Posh Pete ...


Peter always brings treats for Chocky. Thank you Peter (y)


Leaving the pub yesterday evening

This morning Ian (Scooterboy) packing up to leave.
Some scooter eh!
Looks good, sorry I'm not there. Late night in the pub? Guinness up to scratch?

Someone has a smart tent (Scarp 1), must be your lad I think Micky? I've got one, great performance for the weight.
Looks good, sorry I'm not there. Late night in the pub? Guinness up to scratch?

Someone has a smart tent (Scarp 1), must be your lad I think Micky? I've got one, great performance for the weight.
You are forgiven Alastair ... yes, the tent is my lads (y)

Guinness on top form for sure. Not too late in the pub though :thumb2

Hope you're in good shape and doing good :thumby:

Take care o' yersersen yahear

Back home now after taking the Loch Eil road to Fort Bill. An A road. A trunk road. Where I came across this touching sight...

It's a genuine single track road and that includes bikes. While I was taking the pic, a car came up behind me and I waved her past. (There was enough room as you can see in the pic.). Nope. Beep Beep. She moved forward within 6 inches of my os pannier. Beep beep. Do I get off the bike and remonstrate? Nah. Gloves on and away. Some folk ... Sheesh!!!

Anyway, an extra 40 miles on the trip due to the lack of the Corran ferry. Just as well the awesome Himmy is getting 77mpg!

Thanks to Micky for organising the do and best wishes and safe riding to all concerned! :thumb2
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Same here, a cracking weekend and well organised by Mick as usual..even though he's suffering a bit at the moment.
Not long home and a reasonable uneventful ride, apart from a close encounter with a skip lorry on Loch Eil side ( who didn't know where his brake pedal was located ).
Thanks to everyone who made it.

I'll dig out my pics and post something up but our upload Internet is pretty dire so it's likely to be a couple of days.

And thanks to Nick and Lynn for our next vehicle inspiration.

Peter NI..Great to meet yourself and Lesley.
I had a run down Loch Shiel yesterday and then had a wee look at Coffin Road on the way back but it was absolutely saturated after the rain.
Got a short way up and the 950 was ploughing a furrow at just over tick over and Maureen was ready to jump off ! Another time.

Thanks folks (y)

It was indeed a great weekend .... thank you for making it so.

Good drive down to Town Yetholm for a couple of nights. Cracking' wee site (y)

A couple of French guys in a caravan with three Deer Hounds .... just look like oversize lurchers, the five of them, and a large Dutch MoHo with a Ducati in the 'garage' :cool:



Mmmmm over exposed for some reason, must check my settings!

A walk in to the village ...




Home tomorrow ....

Thanks for a wonderful weekend Micky. Had a great time there and a good ride back to Newcastle.

Alan (RedSky) left this morning for his last leg down to Cirencester and he has good weather for it.

Looking forward to the next one. :thumb2

Cheers Micky :beerjug:

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