Turn signal problem


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Sep 22, 2008
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My low beam bulb blew the other day so i changed it since this the rear right turn signal keeps failing and the front right signal flashes really fast but warning lights on the dash are showing low beam bulb gone but thats working fine this fault sometimes corrects it self when riding along any ideas im thinking faulty right hand indicator switch (i hope not)can any one help
The turn signal switch just tells the computer to send juice to the indicators. If the front indicator is working then the switch is OK. If the bulb in the rear is not blown you probably simply have a bad connection between the bulb and the contacts in the bulb holder, or a bad connection in a connector in the loom.
You have an intermittent faulty connection to your rear right indicator or the bulb has come loose in the holder. The front one flashes at double rate to tell you that the rear one has failed (all vehicles are required to do this). The LAMPF on the dash will come on for any bulb failure, not just the dipped beam. Check the bulb in the holder, change it, or check the wiring to it.
Cheers guys
Will check for loose bulb and wiring in the back turn signal in the morning

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