Uprated Urban GS suspension with increase in height

Lovely bike, I was looking at doing the 70mm raise, but it's too expensive, so I've got the +40mm Andreani cartridges and a Nitron shock that will give +40mm-60mm at the rear on order. Can I ask, what did you do about the side stand? Mine leans a fair bit already, do I need to lengthen the stand?
Hi, i did change my side stand to a wunderlich +70mm. I did look at getting my oem one extended but it was going to cost more than buying the wunderlich one so ordered it through Nippy Normans.

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My Urban GS has Andreani +40mm fork cartridges and an Ohlins +40mm rear shock both supplied by Unit Garage.I’m still experimenting with the handling to work out whether or not to drop the forks through the yokes a fraction to speed up the turn in.Unit Garage recommend leaving 10mm of the stanchion showing above the top yoke.


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Hope this helps


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