Vianden, Luxembourg - Auberge Aal Veinen


Oct 21, 2005
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Wapping, London
Picked at random for a two night (Thursday / Friday end of October 2021) stay.

The hotel is at the top end of the town, up the cobbled main street that climbs up from the river, heading towards Tandel / Diekirch (N17) or the CR322 heading towards Putscheid.

Friendly enough, with decent rooms and a pretty good menu….. if you are a meat eater.

They have a separate garage, large enough for say four or five bikes, if that is important to you. They also have hair dryers in every room, if that’s your thing. Ketchup, too.
Stayed there couple of years ago, nice comfy place. Luxembourg, hidden gem :thumb2

Overall, we enjoyed our two night stay. The staff were all very helpful and friendly.

As with any garage that is not huge, take a bit of care. What does that mean? It means that, if there is just a couple of you (or you are on your own) and you put your bike(s) in it overnight, just be careful that say three other bods don’t put their bikes in front of yours later. This is fine if they leave before you but much less entertaining if they are asleep in their beds at 10:00 AM and you needed to be out and on your way at 09:00 or earlier. I have seen it happen.

Also, also don’t assume that just because a hotel has a garage, you’ll be able to get your bike(s) into it. Some hotels use the garage to store half a ton of junk, rendering the useable space all but zero. Then mix in that some bods are not too careful when it comes to parking their bikes, reducing any useable space considerably.
Stayed there a few years ago. The menu is good if you like a decent steak although if I remember correctly the rooms are up a narrow staircase. Oh, and they didn't have a kettle in the room to make a cup of tea . This will be a deal breaker for some

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We stayed there last July and really enjoyed it other than the poor a/c in the bedroom as the weather was scorching. Nice staff and a really nice meal. It was the perfect end to our tour (y)IMG_4852.jpegIMG_4845.jpegIMG_4846.jpegIMG_4848.jpegIMG_4839.jpeg

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