What does this fit please


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May 26, 2009
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I intended to fit this to my 2002 R1150 GS but the location bracket is not right for it . Can anyone tell me what it will fit please.?



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Your hanger bracket should look like this ( it looks broken, missing the collar the bot fits through.
Thanks Alan but there's nothing broken on this exhaust hanger and is totally different to the original that I have on the bike and which is exactly the same as yours
My best guess is that it Could be off a R850r or R1150r rockstar.

The silencer part number is generic to the R1150GS and R1150R, but there are two different types of fixing brackets, 6 hole and 4 hole.IMG_0508.jpeg
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It's not a Rockster fit item. The Rockster is 95% an R1150R and takes the same end can as the GS (by the looks of it).

My guess would be it's an item from an RS or RT, the end-can and it's surrounding parts (bodywork, mounting brackets etc) are quite different to the R/Rockster/GS.
That is definitely a 1150 exhaust that fits R/GS/others. I had an R1150R and removed and reinstalled the stock exhausts (MOTs) more than what I'd like to admit. :D

As said above, the bracket is different. But that can be replaced easily.
From what I remember, R and Rockster had the exact same exhaust mounts. The difference between the two bikes were mainly in the forks and shaft (and seat and bars), that the Rockster inherited from the R1100S.

You'll probably also need the bracket with the curved chrome plate that goes between muffler and pipes. Not strictly necessary to fit it to the bike, but makes it look a bit neater.
There were two different mounting brackets over the years on the 1150 GS
It is a standard pipe from a early 1999/ 2000 bike which has a 3 bolt solid fixing, later exhaust goes straight onto an early bike but not the other way round

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