Any other Topbox for GS Adventure?



Can anyone help.

I'm using my BMW GS Panniers on my new Adventure, however the BMW Topbox doesn't fit. I know BMW would prefer that I buy a nice new shiny set of metal boxes, however I'm happy with my black plastic ones. Any suggestions to fit existing GS Topbox onto Adventure (without nails or glue or bungee hooks......just before someone suggets! lol) or is there a suitable Givi etc alternative?
Any assistance much appreciated, thanks.

Cheers, Graeme;)
Hi Graeme,
Here's a few options. My bike is on the left, with a small Givi topcase. The one on the right is the Zega topcase. They both fit without a problem. Givi is about 80 EUR, Zega 220 EUR.
I took the Give off my previous bike, put it on the GSA in half an hour, no problem. It comes with a base plate that fits pretty easily to the GSA tail rack.


Jeez a leather screen !!

by the way I am trying to round up some more guys who want the lighting bar, hopefully get in touch soon.

Want one? It's from Dainese: scratch resistant, available in several colors, crash proof up to 160 km/h, one pocket inside, one outside. They also have double leather exhaust pipes!

Thanks miGsel, photos appreciated, looks like the sun shines in Belgium as much as it does in Scotland!

Cheers, Graeme
Eh, I'm sorry to inform you the pics were taken in Italy...
Hepco & Becker actually produce a Metal top Box rack to fit to the original rack on the adventure - cost £50 + VAT from Motobins (only comes in Silver). Much more substantial than the plastic Givi or Nonfango stuff.

I've added a Junior 45 Litre top box with a rack and back rest which matches the original BMW panniers well (silly name though, Junior). Of course being German the quality is excellent and leak proof.

I'm new so I hope I'm not doubling up on whats been said here, these look quite meaty..
Big Black Boxes

Too boxy for me but if you going RTW they look like what you'd need

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