Bought a new bike :-)


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Jul 25, 2003
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Cote d'Azur, France
After a few post crash rides on the Adventure, I felt it was a getting a bit big and unwieldy for a bloke in his 60s with a dodgy leg. As it happens the Honda dealer in Cannes had an open day so as it's near the office, thought I'd go have a ride on a few bikes, including the Africa Twin, Transalp etc. I was taken by the NT1100 which felt a more manageable size, but I didn't like the DCT version. So, long story short,

Goodbye my newest 1200 GS


But I kept the old 1200GS which has many good memories for me.


And of course I still have the original 1150GS ADV I bought new in 2003, never to be sold...


The NT is a very comfy bike, and is very easy to ride. Hasn't got the grunt of the GS at lower revs, but you keep it spinning and it's great fun

Looks like a scooter from the front though :)


Great value at 15,000 with all the goodies on it (now has the extra LEDs fitted too, they came the week after)


Lovely scoot round the Gorges du Verdon to run the bike in for it's first service.


We're amazingly lucky to have all these amazing roads round here, so I can enjoy retirement on the bike hhaha


And finally, it's got the comfort seat option on it, which made a massive positive for the wife as she thinks its *THE* comfiest bike I've ever had. So, there will inevitably be more pictures to follow :)

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