British national downhill championships round 1 Rheola


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Aug 4, 2007
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North Yorkshire
After a few decent results at local level my lad decided he’d like to do this year’s national series in arguably the toughest class which is youth open.
I’ll do a little write up for each round if anyone is interested.

Weekend at Rheola for round 1 of the British championship.
Ollie’s first National race and a baptism of fire. Rain had made the track extremely slippery and he didn’t get a full run on Saturday due to red flags but he pulled it together for his seeded run on Sunday morning despite being held up a couple of times and was feeling confident for his race run. More crashes and delays meant that the organisers decided to abandon the meeting due to the track becoming unrideable so didn’t get to do a race run. Still, we had a blast although he was disappointed as he’d been holding back for his race run and felt he could have gone significantly faster.

So that was it, no more racing for the day .

Or was it.

What the organisers were left with was sixty odd primed teenagers who had been waiting for their race runs to go ahead high up in the forest at the start line. The instructions were given that the riders were to follow a marshal on a quad bike down the fire road and absolutely no overtaking. Apparently the first couple of hundred metres were quite civilised and then all hell broke loose when someone decided the pace was too slow and went for it. The poor marshal didn’t stand a chance, no amount of arm waving was stopping these lot. The ensuing couple of miles of the fire road Grand Prix was the best race of the weekend apparently !

Good write up here

I bought a load of pro shots but they are too big for the server ? So can only upload phone pics.

Hang on a minute.....a bunch of teenagers riding bikes in a remote wood....never heard such nonsense. They're all out robbing old dears, stabbing folk up or just being says so on here all the time.

A great photo write up on Pinkbike. Brilliant way to spend a weekend (and loads more to come no doubt) Keep the write ups coming pls. A bit of brightness amongst the doom and gloom. (y)
They'll be getting a talking to from the Clerk of the Course!
Well done Wassy, keep it coming.
My lad used to be quite good when he was younger.............
Frighted me to death............
Thanks for taking the trouble to post on here, some great pics and I hope your lad has fun and does well. Keep it coming and good luck for the season.

I’ve had a go at some modest downhill, rock gardens and jumps (not competitively) and taken a battering for my lack of talent. Having learnt my lesson I now stick to trails and single track at a gentle pace and enjoy the views.
We are at AE forest Dumfries and Galloway for the first round of the Scottish championship in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the weather ( and organisation ) will be better.

I heard about "Death rock" on one of the other forums I frequent, now I understand why!
Fair play!

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