Cruise Control Failure - Diagnostic Advice Needed


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Sep 6, 2023
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Hi all.

I’m sure this has possibly been covered but I couldn’t find the specific details so apologies in advance.

My 2013 1200GS cruise control doesn’t work. It only worked briefly when I obtained the bike early autumn last year. I have changed the clutch micro switch hoping it was that. But no luck. Bike has been stored in a dry garage and has hardly seen any rain when I have used.

(Of note is that this bike in every other department is f@&king amazing! Why oh why did I not buy one years ago?!)

Is it possible utilising diagnostics tools to see if any of the other switches (brakes, gear selector) that could disable it are triggering the cancellation of the cruise control function? Is it even possible to use diagnostics tools to even check this? Is it possible to check the cruise control switch itself is even working? Of this I have no real knowledge so could do with some guidance.

In the event that this is even possible, I am willing to pay for someone who has the equipment and knowledge to do these types of check (if indeed they can be done). I have seen people advertising use of diagnostics tools. I am very reluctant to go to a BMW garage because of the expected high costs.

I am asking before I go and buy a new LHS switch gear only to find it was something else instead.

FYI, without trying to come across too strongly I’m not rolling the throttle closed. I’m not inadvertently putting pressure on brakes or other switches so I’d like to eliminate user error. I’m certain it is either completely broken or there is another electrical/hardware issue somewhere.

But I’m ooen to any other guidance.


Only way I'm aware of is to get a diagnostic check to see of the signal is being received to engage the cruise. It ought to point to a signal/switch error if that is the cause. A new LHS cluster will cost over £400 if that is the case. The alternative is to search ebay for a used known good cluster for less and replace yours. The switches are not designed to be serviceable. No replacement parts for them apparently.
You need someone with gs911 tool to check the switch is activating but bear in mind that the switchgear on the 2013/2014 bikes was utter cheap sh*te, my 2014 gsa had 3 sets of left and 3 sets of right switchgear under warranty.
You could first try cleaning the switch internals with a non residue contact cleaner and then go from there
Why not try an experienced independent mechanic if a dealership is not for you? MotoRevive is a member of this forum and is in your neck of the woods.
Alan R
Why not try an experienced independent mechanic if a dealership is not for you? MotoRevive is a member of this forum and is in your neck of the woods.
Alan R

Motorevive has closed. He has returned to a BMW franchise, the new one in Chester
Anyone know anyone else in the north of England who has a gs911 and the ability to check the switch?
An excellent independant local to you is RGM at Croston 07976 212903 should you not get any better offer. I am sure he would be able to help
Neil W do you know if later switch gear fits older bikes?
Not sure but the switch gear must have been improved as my 2018 model had zero issues with what appeared to be identical switches, have a look at oem bmw parts link in the quick links section to see if the parts number changed

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