Exhaust issue on K100 Cafe Racer


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Jun 27, 2008
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Terve kaverit!

Finaly its ready, my 16 valve cafe racer. Everything is fine, exept my bike loss about 80hp....

What I make? Just nothing. Air intake system is original, also fuel supply. Only what I have tuned, is muffler...

In follow link you can see images, what I do. Text is finnish but please check images.


Short explain...

I cut the original muffler. As you see those two thin pipes, they coming for cylinder head (1+2) (3+4)

I weld a hat and now gas returns to midle mufler, and turn back to end via thicker pipe. In the end i make noise killer.

Sound is VERY interesting. No exhaust sound, bike just squeal like wasp, but VERY smooth.

When I get it road, no power. Only, what I can challenge, is -70 diesel mercedes...

What are you thinking? Is problem on muffler, and/or something else....


These bikes run best with an exhaust with back pressure..

I wish hipsters would stop fecking about with the exhaust system thinking that the noise is all that counts, the better.

I have one in my workshop at the moment. Feck all silencing with straight through pipes. Runs like shit, no torque and a fecking great huge hole in the middle of the rev range.
I guess the only way to check for sure is to borrow an original exhaust system and see how it runs with that.

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