HELP please ... using a GARMIN 2610 with a MAC

i agree with Paul ,base camp should see the maps..are you using the drop down boxes on the left hand side correctly ?
The 2610 is indeed a fine device but it won't work with the newer Garmin maps. The last available Garmin map that will work on the 2610 was the 2009 version. All it not lost as you can use openstreetmaps which will work both with the 2610 and Basecamp. I find the openstreetmaps to be better than the Garmin versions where I live in Austria. The are not quite as good as the Garmin maps in the UK though. Last October we were in Bosnia and the Garmin maps were all but useless in some areas. The Openstreetmaps while not perfect were very much better. They are also free and can be updated as often as you like.

One day my 2610 will give up and I will replace it with a modern Garmin but other than their inbuilt batteries allowing me to use the device without a power supply I don't think that for me there is any real benefit to be had by this. I have no interest in listening to music or having anything to do with my mobile phone whilst riding so any such facility is wasted on me.

Good luck with yours, long may it continue to give good service.

Thank you all, for the considered and helpful advice. I've been a member of this forum since 2002 and it's never let me down:beerjug:

I can't get any of the suggested options to work fully. I think I will either install Parallels to allow access to my 2610, or try and pick up a mega cheap laptop running Windows. Either way, having gone onto the GARMIN site, I don't fancy upgrading to a new GPS unit. The 2610 is an ace bit of kit and I just don't see the point in trashing it. I'm only interested in old B and unclassified roads, after all.

Thanks again.
I gave up in the end. Now the owner of a GARMIN 390 LM, which is a very nice piece of kit. I'm also getting a a VIRB HD ELITE camera and will be making use of the bluetooth connectivity.

2610 and all accessories now for sale.

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