Off Road North Yorks Moors

Off Road on the North Yorks Moors

  • Sounds fab, count me in dates permitting

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  • I'd love to.......on me other bike

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  • I wouldn't want to get me GS dirty, it's not an off road bike you know

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  • Can't we do it after the glorious 12th for more fun ?

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I'll go for the steak stew casserole recommendation too. Looks like there will be only one Dubai bike, still not heard back from the others. See you in the morning. Cheers.
Cabbage Power Rules -- Phut .... Phut .... Phut ........

Dear F&B -- Enjoyed today !

Looking forward to Mr "I wasn't even there" McFlurry showing us how it should be done tomorrow ! See you in the am.

Elana says the pineapple is hers and if it is any smaller than it should be , you'll have to answer to her - so take heed , a girl and her pineapple are not to be trifled with .

Cheers , James
Great days riding Fritz. Cheers.

A carefully chosen route just showed what these GSs can do, without putting them at risk.
Apart from a few scaped crash bars and a holed sump!


I hope Sunday's not too wet for you.

Thanks again for a great days GSing!

See under events aftermaths for a short :D resume of the w/e.
Elana, hope your sister and Dad can explain the condition of the fruit etc. Paul, I hope the doctor has good news :rolleyes:
Will put some piccies under the write-up tomorrow. Hope there are some good one's by others too ??

Fritz and Bev,

Great ride out Saturday. Sorry we couldn't make Sunday. Only trouble is now the Bird wants her own bike too - goddamn it!!! Thanks for all your time and effort in prepping all the routes.


Dear Fritz and Bev,

Many thanks for your efforts in organising the rideout on Saturday, I really enjoyed it - spectacular scenery, great biking, good company and a top lunch. Pretty tired by the time I got home Saturday night, but well worth it. Great fun.

Cheers, Andy

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