Hi all,

Has any one had a problem with their rear light, were by the brake light and rear tail light are on all the time ????

Could this be a simple short or is it a relay fault.

Any thoughts for a speedy turn around would be gratefully accepted.

Cheers all

One of the brake light switches is made.
Disconnect the switched (outgoing to bulb). This will give you the culprit, when the light goes out.
Have you adjusted the rear footpedal lately, etc.
I've got to go to Marriot Motorcycles tomorrow, so I'm in Birkenhead at lunch time, where you at Dude?

I had a similar issue. The culprit was the front brake lever switch. Push the lever forward and the brake light will go out.

Brake pads were on their last legs, fitted new ones and the system now has enough pressure to knock the lever back and trigger the switch off IYKWIM.

Could be a faulty switch as Timpo says but have a try at my solution before ya spend the cash for nothing :thumb

p.s check the rear switch too as it may do the same as the front.
similar fault on the scarver.
on investigating,it was the spring inside the front brake switch had corroded.
remove front brake lever and also the rubber cover to check.:)
Some good tips there peeps. I had a thought in could be one of the switches, but did'nt get time to check tonight, so will do tomorrow. I'll let you's know what I find.

keep the advice flowing.


oh yes and also the rear brake switch that is on the frame.sometimes the thing falls apart.
guess you have the rear bulb and holder checked out.
let us know ;) have fun.

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