Remus cans 1150?

how much for a service!

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Jan 17, 2006
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Have got a remus genesis can on my 1150 ADV which came with a Y piece I bought
My question is, is it road legal as I can find no markings
and is the revolution can any quieter as I will be riding it from Alaska down in June and this one might drive my companion mad!:beerjug:
No markings? thats pretty much the same as stamping it 'not for road use'

The Genesis IS a race can after all...

The Revolution is bound to be quieter as its stamped and approved for road use. (with the baffle left in place of course)
The Genesis was available in 2 versions - one road-legal, the other not so.

I know.. but didn't see the need to mention that. the road use version wasn't exactly popular at the time. which explains why its no longer available. (possibly)

the said can has no markings... so the original 'not for road use' has been polished off at some point. which was fairly normal as it was so simple to do. (seems unlikely that anyone would be stupid enough to do this to the legal markings - but I suppose anythings possible when Tossers are involved)

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