Screen and visor scratches.

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If you have some light scratches on your visor or screen then there are a number of methods thet can be used to remove them.

First of all as most visors tend to be treated with an anti-scratch coating, there to protect the visor when you wipe it with a wet leather glove at +70 mph (road dirt and all). Well if the visors scratched assume the coatings gone in the area of the scratch, but this is no need to ditch a £35.00 + item just yet.

Many bike dealers when they take part/ex bikes in revive the screen with:

Gentle polishing using nothing more than good quality wax.
Polishing using Jewellers rouge ( sometimes called red rouge....yes I know thats red red) this is the stuff they polish expensive gold and silver with, it doesn't remove precious metal and it leaves no marks.

I personally have used Brasso, the liquid kind. Leave the tin lying around for a year or two and you get a more clearer liquid. If you use a new tin be careful and polish very LIGHTLY.

USE A GENTLE circular polishing action and allow the liquid to dry then buff up with a soft cloth. DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS these can cause scratches if used dry.

Brasso has been mentioned elsewhere on this site and it does work. On my helmet visor there appears to be no detrimental effects to the visor or its coating, but then how do you know the thing was coated in the first place.

I always polish the visor with a wax polish that is not harmful to plastics or acrylics (says so on the can/tin) and this gives an extra protective layer against roed grime etc.

You could also try Brasso on paint work scratches, its less abrasive than 'T'- cut type polishes but be careful not to rub too hard (said the actress to the Bishop).

Hope this is useful to you guys and gals. :rolleyes:
Re: Plexus

~Stef~ said:
Or you could make life really easy and use Plexus Screen Cleaner, works wonders

It doesn't say it removes fine scratches, just cleans and leaves a film on the plastic:confused:

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