Why use MyRoute?

@ Richard
I am confused.
I used your link and it took me here- see pics
Without registering (and paying) you cannot download any shared files. (unless I am mistaken).

So I have to ask why :confused:
when it is so straight forward to upload gpx/kml files and share these directly on here as I have done on many occasions?


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:thumb2 but why complicate things with myroute app?? :nenau
That's the part I don't get :banghead:
Because I like MyRoute. It is simple to use *. It works on my iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC and Samsung S10. It makes GPX and other formats easy to share. As it’s cloud based, I can access it from just about anywhere in the world. It integrates well with my Garmin XT and, naturally enough, with MyRoutes’ own MyRoute (navigation) app, if I ever want to use my phone, instead of my XT.

* There again, I never found BaseCamp or MapSource very hard.
:thumb2 but why complicate things with myroute app?? :nenau
That's the part I don't get :banghead:
Many on here have switched to it. Moi included, So I guess it makes it simple to download.
I think MRA is a great platform. I can take it with me anywhere in the world in a palm of my hand, you can’t quite do that with Basecamp unfortunately.
Thank you Richard, as you know i dont use MRA so have not purchased it but on downloading the routes from your link they downloaded as expected straight line routes with perfect tracks to convert to routes, as seen in basecamp below1234.jpg
Yup, that looks like exactly what I would expect, Lee. BaseCamp has done its best to create a route (in magenta) between the via points, but it lacks the data to snap the routes onto known roads. The track should, of course, convert into a route. Sometimes the conversion from a track into a route is not perfect, but it can usually be sorted out manually.


PS The more I have used MyRoute, the more I like it. It’s a bit quirky sometimes but their forum is very good at helping out with any problems.
Richard i get why people are using MRA but at the moment it is not for me, but maybe in the future, who knows.
Yes basecamp generally does sort a track to route well, very rarely does it not work for me, just goes to show what you can achieve if you try.

Thanks Richard- I now understand your take on it. I would disagree though that it makes it easy to share as people without paid MRA membership cannot access files.

By putting up files on here, one double click is all it takes for anyone to downnload a gpx/kml file gratis. After all, surely the objective is to provide info as simple as possible for upload to a satnav or editing with BC?

When you say 'Basecamp lacks data' - that is down to mapping data and nor BC.

I also use GPX files on my phone avoiding the need for any computer (aside from the phone of course) to change any data on satnavs via a tiny combo micro usb reader.
It would be tough to find a lighter/l & simpler solution IMHO.

I always look for the simplest solution without depending on a data connection.
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I might be wrong but if the routes created are public, you can access them. ? Or if the creator connects as a friend you get their routes ?
As it’s easy to save MyRoutes’ GPX files as KML or indeed a host of other file types, I’ll do it that way as well.


As much as anything else, the original post and thread in the Travel section

Was not so much about sharing the GPX file, but my hope that:

A. Bods might get an idea to maybe go to the Drôme region of France, instead of going to the Alps or Black Forest….. again. I can understand why they do, as these are ‘safe and well trodden’ places, whist the Drôme is maybe less so. In short, you have to work at it a bit. But hey, it’s an Adventure (with a capital A) forum.

B. Ideas of where to go come from various sources. The Drôme article I picked up from a German magazine, which comes ‘free’ via Readl. I don’t speak or read German but a map is a map and a picture is a picture. Having looked at now quite a few, I am getting the hang of the German words, enough to pick out the places they are suggesting to see, where to stay and the like.

C. With just a little bit of effort (I used nothing more than an iPad and MyRoute) it is possible to create an article’s map of a route (assuming it is even half decent in the magazine) as a GPX file for possible use.

I did it by first of all doing nothing more than putting the place names into MyRoute and letting it spit out a route between them. Naturally enough, this had the basic shape of the magazine’s article’s map but was not correct. I then dragged the route around, pinning it in place, just as I would have done in BaseCamp, using the cols named in the map as reference points, This was made easier as MyRoute can display Michelin’s maps as an overlay. A couple of the cols had different names, so I used Google on my iPad to find them.

Why did I do it?

1. Because it’s good practice in using MyRoute on my iPad. I am still learning bits of it. I took a break halfway through, going back to fine tune it to (near enough) match the magazine’s map. I have noticed that it’s often easier to break the operation up, I guess because my brain gets tired otherwise?

2. My iPad can simultaneously Google things or places I cannot find and / or tell me about things. The postman’s work of art building, being a good example.

3. It hopefully makes for a half interesting thread on the forum. I hadn’t realised that sharing the MyRoute imbedded files, creates problems for people without MyRoute, all be it MyRoute is becoming more popular as a tool.

4. Once done, MyRoute will hold the route for me, so I can use it if I ever want to. There again, so will Google My Maps, Pocket Earth and / or a host of other sites and apps.

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.... Just post the files here Richard!!


[ just could not resist! forgive me]

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