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Apr 5, 2010
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I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get started with basic route planning using other videos and ended up with a Frankenstein route using dragged way points etc. and still taking ages to manipulate the map etc because I wasn’t using a mouse with roller. My advice to anyone starting fresh is go straight to these videos lurking down the list in the stickies. Could have saved myself hours and now I’m a convert as opposed to basecamp hater.

Good Luck and don’t look elsewhere is my advice.
Yep. Mapsourse and now Basecamp. Can't understand why users have a problem with it.
Yep. Mapsourse and now Basecamp. Can't understand why users have a problem with it.

Because their mate has told them it’s shite or they have read it here. Both they’ll believe, unquestionably.
I was struggling with basecamp until i had help from Lee's youtube videos too.
I have since found more youtube videos which give loads of easy to follow information by a guy called EZ Moto Tim. I hope they can be useful to some of you.
After my issues with other softwares, i too have gone back to Basecamp.

I think the trouble with it is that its not pick up and play.
people (myself included) have got used to the simplicity of google maps and expect everything else to work the same.

My nightmare Scotland trip in July, done on another software is well documented.
however my last trip to Scotland 10 days ago planned on Basecamp went flawless.

No matter how fiddly a piece of software is, the real deal is how it performs once sent to the GPS
for that reason Basecamp is a winner.

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