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Nov 23, 2005
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East Lothian, Scotland
I've been through a bit of a rollercoaster recently, having been diagnosed with stage 4 heart failure and a big blood clot in my heart. While I was lying in hospital I done the worst possible thing and googled my condition. Basically there is nothing really out there apart from doom and gloom focused on American healthcare where people can't afford the proper healthcare. Meaning it did not look good. Even the support groups based in or around Scotland/UK weren't super positive so I decided to make my own wee video series, trying to give as honest account as possible, because at the start it was terrifying.

I don't check on here too often so please leave any questions in the comments, especially if you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with heart failure and you're shitting your pants like I was.

The sound gets better too, I bought a new mic.

Abandon any worldwide support groups!

As you say, they are dominated by 'woe is me' types who, to be fair, probably don't have access to decent healthcare and fill their time writing about their own mortality.

You'll be getting the best care that is available. I think that you are 'on message' with getting on with your life.

So sorry to hear this Mike - you were big and strong the last time I saw you.

Great to see you being so positive and the very best of luck.

Bit of a shock for you to say the least!
I’m sure you’ve had some pretty shitty days since you found out but good to see you so positive on your videos :)
Wishing you well!
Good grief! That's a bit of a coupon buster Mike! Glad the videos have given you a bit of an outlet for your worries. Take it easy and take care of yourself.
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This is something my late Father lived with for many, many years-heart failure & 1 lung, having had the other removed when he was 23 due to TB. He died last year aged 85 but until the last couple of weeks he was at the golf course down to 9 holes, walking to get his paper everyday & going to meetings of a society he belonged to.
Just crack on living & stay away from Dr Google.
Great videos too.
Thanks all. Aye, I'm doing my best and I definitely feel like I'm getting better. I cant emphasise how important staying positive is. Not always the easiest thing but it certainly seems to make a difference.
Sorry to hear about this Mike ,, !
Life is unpredictable ( at best ) so one never knows what’s just around the corner .
( i have also developed some issues ) I have taken the view that I am just going to try to do the best I can with what I have .

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