Map update 2018.20

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My 660 is using 2018.10 but when I go to Garmin Express it tells me I'm up to date?
How do I up date to 2018.20?

If I understand correctly the Zumo 660 uses the old NT mapping which is only updated twice a year, CN2018.1NT being the current version. CN2018.2NTU is the latest for newer devices.
I've just Googled it, looks like guys with older units may have to wait for an update. Lots of new roads around here and I'll get lost.....
I suppose it won't be till it opens. Thanks all anyway. I'll manage as it is but anyone hearing of an update for older 660's , let us know.
You could if you so wished to, use OSM, that could possibly alleviate the out of date issue until the latest NT mapset is released, you would need to check the newer roads are on there.
I sent Garmin an email today and the reply was to uninstall Garmin Express, then reinstall it. I might try this but I'm not sure they know what they are talking about....
as i said in post number 14, OSM maps can be used as an alternative to garmin maps, about the only difference or things that you wont or can not do with them is post code search and download all the tiles in one go, but apart from that they are good and as a bonus are free.
I’m back on this again....
Should I be able to download 2018.2 onto my laptop? As I said, it’s 2018.1 at the moment and Garmin Express tells me there isn’t a download.
Do I have to have the 660 plugged in and that’s how it knows there’s no update for it yet? :nenau

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