Spain / Portugal early May

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Nov 26, 2006
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Three of us heading south in a couple of weeks, ferry from Portsmouth to Santander booked to depart midnight on the 3rd arriving on the 5th. Plan is loose, aiming to head South East to the Bardenas Reales for some light off roading around the military base, then head to Toledo to meet up with a mate before heading South East again to Gorafe Desert (not really a desert but that's what they call it) for some more fun on the loose stuff. Then on to the Sierra Navada heading West towards Portugal for a ride up the coast ending at the Picos before catching the return ferry on the 18th.. Very much looking forward to this one, warm sun and good food, nothing else booked and no camping on this trip - Air BnB all thew way... Counting down the days now!!
Up in the north of Spain, in the high country, the day was starting at about 2 degrees the last few days before getting up into the teens. Don’t set off to early.
Looks like I'll be taking my heated gear. I'm arriving Saturday for 3 nights in Burgos, 2 in Jaca then 3 in Olot & 3 in Vic. At least it's warmer in Catalonia.
I've been watching the weather and it's looking good, mid to high 20s from next weekend :cool:

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